2019 Autumn Luncheon:

Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at 11 AM – 1 PM

Event Information:

Join the women of Opportunities, Inc. Foundation Board for their Annual Autumn Luncheon featuring up-and-coming chef, Marjorie Slimer. All proceeds will benefit children and adults with disabilities in our community.

The gift of this year’s Autumn Luncheon is underwritten by Dolly Dunklin Marting in honor of Carol Dalby, Sonja Hubbard, and Whitney Fuqua, and in loving memory of Diane Green.

Tickets can be purchased through the eventbrite link, or through the development office at Opportunities, Inc. For more information call (903)791-2270 or email rdrennon@oppinc.org

Foundation Board:

The Opportunities Foundation Board, established in September, 1986, is a group of dedicated women who support programs offered by Opportunities, Inc. through fundraising and increased public awareness.

Joan Carter                      Pam Orr

Jeanie Conway                  Lois Patterson

Lucille Cook                     Sharon Richter

Char Crane                      Debbie Schimming

Stephanie James               Michelle Shores

Ashley Lee                      Susan Slimer

Dolly Marting                   Mel Walsh

Pam McCoy                     Mindy Williams

Lee Ann McCulloch           Gayle Wright

Judy Morgan