2020 Brewery Benefit:

Date: Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 3 PM – 7 PM

Event Information:

Join Opportunities, Inc. Angel Guild for an afternoon of football, craft beer, and delicious food!

For one Sunday only, Pecan Point is opening its doors for an Opportunities, Inc. exclusive event. With craft beer and food pairings, you better bring a big appetite! Ticket proceeds will go to support the mission of Opportunities, Inc. which is to empower children and adults with developmental disabilities to live full lives in our community.

You MUST be 21+ to attend this event.

Tickets can be purchased through the eventbrite link, or through the development office at Opportunities, Inc. For more information call (903)791-2270 or email rdrennon@oppinc.org

Angel Guild:

The Angels of Opportunities, established in November of 2000, is a group of dedicated young women who support programs offered by Opportunities, Inc. through fundraising and increased public awareness.

Katie Andrus            Summer Floyd        Cassy Meisenheimer

Hollis Boyette           Whitney Fuqua       Jordan Miller

Jessica Day Bolton     Ashley Gibbs         Margaret Mobley

Brittany Bunch            Melissa Harris       Leah Orr

Megan Byrne            Lynlee Harvey        Susan Owens

Lyndsey Craig           Marianne Hawkins   Kelsey Patterson

Caroline Curry           Layla Hazin            Danielle Patterson

Taylor DeBardeleben  Kara Humphrey        Kelli Phillips

Jamye DeHaan          Jordan James           Casey Rampey

Meanie Dowd            Amber Lawrence      Jessica Rich

Natasha Dowd         Chase Magness     Corie Woodman

Lesley Dukelow        Alix Matteson       Lisa Sitterley

Jill Flanagan             Darrah McGuire     Lisa Soyars

Stephanie Shuffield    Lori Stewart        Melinda Vammen

Heather Thomson      Lacy White