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Make an Impact and Join Our Monthly Giving Champion Circle

Each year Opportunities, Inc. provides over 10,000 hours of day treatment services to adults in our Adult Continuing Education Program and employs more than 20 adults with disabilities to receive fair and equal pay and enrich their lives with a skill and job they love!

$10 Monthly

The same as your monthly Netflix subscription

Meet Amanda… Amanda attends the Adult Continuing Education Center (ACE) and also works for Shred IT TXK at Opportunities, Inc. Your gift of only $10 monthly will provide art supplies that promote self-expression and social emotional growth!

$20 Monthly

The same as your monthly Starbucks Orders

Meet Marjorie… Marjorie is a Texarkana native, born and raised here! Marjorie works for our mobile snack cart |The Woot Woot Cart| and provides a smile and a snack three times weekly to our staff at Opportunities, Inc.

$50 Monthly

The same as your monthly UberEats receipts

Meet James… James also works for the Woot Woot Cart making his rounds through the campus! He loves math and the challenge of doing the sales ‘in his head’ when staff make their purchases from him! Your gift of only $50 monthly will provide music therapy for our clients to help them relax and improve their social skills!

$100 or More

The same as one dinner with friends

Meet Pam… Pam enjoys sports and plays for our Opportunities Slammers softball team, and she also works with Shred IT TXK! Your gift of $100 or more can provide technology to help with academic achievement, additional supplies for our ACE computer lab to enhance work skills, and a variety of recreational outings that promote social integration and growth!

All it takes is $10 monthly to enrich the life of an adult with disabilities in our community!

Our Monthly Giving Champion Circle

Meet our ChampionsChangingLives! Our Champions recurring contributions are more than donations; they’re a beacon of hope and empowerment. Their unwavering commitment fuels our mission to create lasting change.

Join us in celebrating our true champions of transformation!

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